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October 25 Radio Show: The Stress Pandemic: 9 Natural Steps to Wellness – Emotional Pro

October 26th, 2012

These days, not many people can claim to bring themselves all the way back—to normal life and functioning—following years of psychiatric breakdown and medication, from which 11 psychiatrists predicted he would never recover.  Paul Huljich has done that, developing a practical and easily-worked 9-step program that helped him recover, and has kept him healthy, strong […]

October 18 Radio Show: A Practical Approach to Conscious Creation – Emotional Pro

October 19th, 2012

Focusing on both the simplicity and the complexity of creating reality, David Ibrahim explores our habits, perceptions, coping skills and how we occupy our bodies as we develop our understanding of how to create both our everyday and our long-term reality. David has explored life from a number of perspectives—as a restauranteur, a top- performing […]

October 11 Radio Show: Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal – Emotional Pro

October 14th, 2012

Dr. Breggin has been on the show before, talking about his book Medication Madness. I love his work. He is a crusader working to keep us all safe when it comes to psychiatric medications. A psychiatrist who, as a medical-legal expert, has intimate knowledge of how our safeguards are often circumvented by drug companies intent […]

October 04 Radio Show: Peace In The Heart and Home – Emotional Pro

October 5th, 2012

Charlette Mikulka has been helping people all her adult life, and now has created a down-to-earth guide for creating a better life for you and your loved ones. We’re going to be talking about both the internally-developed and externally-created situations that tend to lower the quality of life, largely by keeping us stuck emotionally. From […]