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January 26 Radio Show: Empowered Healer – Emotional Pro

January 26th, 2012

Susan Allison wants to help you gain the confidence, power and ability to heal yourself. A California psychologist, Susan has a formula to help you develop greater belief in yourself, power and support, discover the emotional causes of your distress, tune into and listen to your physical symptoms, and create the life of your dreams […]

January 19 Radio Show: Seth on Dreams – Emotional Pro

January 19th, 2012

Paul Helfrich: Using Dreams to Facilitate Life—and Death Paul Helfrich appeared in 2011, also. A 30-year scholar of the Seth Materials, he talked with us about Seth’s ideas of how we create our own personal reality. Seth placed a lot of emphasis on dreams, and had numerous techniques for working with them. Paul Helfrich has […]

January 12 Radio Show: Quantum Thinking Emotions – Emotional Pro

January 12th, 2012

Dianne Collins Transcend Emotions via Quantum Thinking In October, Dianne Collins asked and answered the question “Do You Quantum Think”? Dianne believes that we are experiencing so much change in our world and in the way things are done that we need a new way to think about them, a way that she calls “Quantum […]

January 05 Radio Show: Clutter – Emotional Pro

January 5th, 2012

Instead of Resolutions, let’s really give you tools to get the things you need to get done, done! Sallie Felton addresses all kinds of clutter: emotional, physical, and mental. She will be sharing “getting started tools,” “practical tools,” as well as “feeling,” “motivation,” “belief,” “self-care” and “future” tools you need to remove clutter from your […]