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Therapists and Anger – Emotional Pro

May 27th, 2006

We did a survey not long ago that shocked me, but (sadly) did not surprise me. We called 37 of the nearly 60 colleges and graduate schools in California that train psychotherapists to do their craft. We called very large California universities, and the smaller, specialized schools as well. We asked this question: “Do you […]

The Lesson of "Happy Slapping" – Emotional Pro

May 19th, 2006

Today’s “front page” on AOL contains an article about “happy slapping,” the humiliating “game” of punching, hitting or slapping someone, unexpectedly, and having the incident filmed (with video camera or cell phone) and publicized on the Internet. Largely perpetrated by teens, according to this report, and inspired by several television shows, “Happy Slapping” got its […]

Principle versus Personality – Emotional Pro

May 15th, 2006

Your telephone records: are they personal or private? Has our President acted legally or illegally in obtaining millions of phone call records since 9/11 without a court order? Today’s news is full of the debate about “legal” or “illegal” regarding phone records, wiretapping and countless other issues. Politicians from both parties are up in arms […]

Controversy – Emotional Pro

May 11th, 2006

Just over a week ago, I spent two intensive days working with Bradley Communication’s Quantum Leap program. It’s a lot about marketing, so that I can take the “Quantum Leap” of actually getting my information and ideas out to the world, and simultaneously create an income for myself. Since one of the “issues” that has […]

Lessons from On the Road – Emotional Pro

May 8th, 2006

We’ve been traveling on the East Coast for several days, now, visiting the grandchildren (and their wonderful parents), participating in my husband�s 45th Medical School reunion, and attending the Quantum Leap program. Add some interesting relatives and friends to the mix, and we’ve been having a delightful time. I’ve also had the opportunity to explain […]