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Special Challenges 0f Interracial Intimate Relationships with Volker Thomas, Ph.D. & Terri Karis, Ph.D – Emotional Pro

October 25th, 2005

Terri Karis, Ph.D. looks at many sides of Interracial Couples–why they marry, what they encounter both inside and outside of their relationship, why such marriages are on the increase, and what racism is as well as why the U.S. is seen as a racist society. Interracial unions, she says, can involve a huge racial education…

10 Smart Things Gay Men Can Do to Find Real Love with Joe Kort, MSW, ACSW – Emotional Pro

October 11th, 2005

It's National Coming Out Day, and there could be no better time to look at the issues of Real Love between gay partners. Joe Kort, M.S.W., ACSW, is a gay psychotherapist who is author of two books on the gay experience, "10 Smart Things Gay Men Can Do to Find Real Love" and "10 Smart…

Report from the Astrodome: Baylor's Katrina Medical Clinic with Dr. Kenneth Mattox – Emotional Pro

October 4th, 2005

Dr. Kenneth Mattox is Professor and Vice Chairman of Surgery in the General Surgery Division of the Michael E. DeBakey Department of Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine. He co-led the "Katrina Medical Clinic" set up by Baylor College of Medicine in the Houston Astrodome. A wide range of medical and mental health services was…